Bee Bot Robot Discovery
Grades K-2

Want to learn how to program a robot to solve fun, engaging problems? This collaborative robot discovery program enables you to program and interact with the award-winning Bee-Bot floor robot.  Learn to control, give directional language and program the Bee-Bot to complete different challenges. 


Build it with LEGO®
Grades K-2 

Children are challenged to build a bridge to reunite two best friends stranded by a river between them, experiment with balance, weights, & measure, design their perfect house, design and play a new strategy game and more.  Hands-on expression of ideas is at the core of this engaging, fun program. 

Storytelling with LEGO®
Grades K-2

Using LEGO® bricks and characters, children will be challenged through creative story prompts to design and engineer their imaginary world.  Each activity is designed to offer choice, allowing students to build, model, and share their ideas, thoughts, and stories. 


Chemistry Crime Mysteries
Grades 2-5

Join our squad of Science Sleuths as they investigate a series of suspicious crimes based on chemistry experiments. Each mission begins with a silly crime scene and ends with our Science Sleuths creating a chemical reaction in the lab.  Real science + ridiculous crimes = lots of learning and laughs!



STEM Maker Lab®: Ocean Rescue 
Grades 2-5

Children learn about the extreme build-up of trash in the North Pacific Central Ocean Gyre. Faced with ocean research challenges that will require creative-thinking skills, problem solving, and teamwork, children make a model of a gyre and play a food web game, collect and test the pH of ocean water, create their own egg-marines that must not sink or float, and design a “robotic arm” for a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). Before heading back to shore to share their findings, children design Trash Island fantasy clean-up machine prototypes.

Go Green: Recycled Racers
Grades 2-5

Recycle items that would ordinarily be discarded by turning them into toys, sculptures, and household objects. Students will use recycled materials to engineer their own toy cars, then compete in a Recycled Racer Rally. Developed by the Boston Museum of Science, this workshop emphasis the Engineering Design Process throughout the activities, encouraging creative-problem-solving and innovation.


Engineering Discovery:Mechanisms & Machines
Grades 2-4

Engineers build LEGO® machines, models and robotic creatures while conducting real-world science experiments with motion, force, and energy. Models are brought to life with the addition of motors, gears, generators, and even sustainable energy, like the wind!


LEGO® Robotics
Grades 3-5

Create working models of amazing machines and creatures, like a floatplane simulator, a hungry alligator, or a pair of singing parrots. You will build models featuring working pulleys, gears, motors, and bring them to life by using basic programming code.


Coding & Robotics with Dash & Dot
Grades 2-5

Robot friends, Dash & Dot, come to life as students program them to move, wink, launch things, and even play the xylophone!  Students are introduced to computer programming as they control Dash's movements using simple apps and Blockly programming on an iPad. 

Ozobot Coding
Grades 3-5

Ozobot robots are tiny, but powerful! Students love how they follow colored lines, spin, flash lights, and dance. Math and science concepts are explored as students control Ozobot movements by drawing colored lines on paper, using simple apps, or with OzoBlockly, a programming language that snaps together like puzzle pieces. 

The following four workshops are available in limited locations in New Jersey only:

Streaming Flix
Grades 2-5

YouTube streaming is super popular! This program gives kids a crash course in creating their own web shows and YouTube channels, so they have a worldwide platform to share their videos. Students will work in groups to write, direct, film, and produce in a safe and fun environment while also learning the ins and outs of the streaming world.


Stop Motion Filmmaking
Grades 2-5

A full 360° immersion into the world of stop motion filmmaking! Students work in groups rotating through filming stations around the room collaborating as an entire class on videos using 4 different styles of stop motion animation. Work with a variety of styles including time-lapse animation, action scene animation, and live action animation!

Broadcast Flix
Grades 2-5

You create the news! In this fun new class kids get the full broadcast experience from making news stories to reporting them on the air. They get to be the reporters, the anchors, and the stars of the stories! From sports to entertainment to news, they get to do it all in their very own live news cast.